Garfield Cat Litter

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Garfield Cat Litter is a proud brand of 7Pets, a global company with offices in Brazil and the United States. Starting its operations in 2015, their vision is to be innovative, forward thinking, and always doing things just a little bit differently than the rest—the idea is to bring new products to pet lovers, while keeping the best interests of beloved pets in mind. And with that kind of thinking, they soon discovered the pet industry had an important problem to solve regarding the elimination of cat urine without using chemicals or fragrances. And so, the specialists at 7Pets invested in a natural formula that completely eliminates the ammonia smell, while also having extremely high absorbency and instant clumping. And that is how they came to launch their main product of Garfield Cat Litter. Highly effective and 100% natural and flushable, it actually makes the litter box experience much more pleasurable for cat owners. Because not only do they love pets, but they love the pet owners too!