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Healers was born out of the need of some loving pet owners who were trying to find a solution for Jake, their German Shephard. Jake had struggled with allergies his entire life, which resulted in seasonal, severe flare ups. His ears and paws would itch incessantly, and he’d chew and scratch until they were red and raw. And then one summer he went hiking, and in just two hours his pads were gone and bleeding. This required them to be soaked and wrapped in gauze, and his concerned owners went looking for booties that would protect his feet during the healing process. What they found was a total lack of booties designed for medical use, and they didn’t breathe, wouldn’t stay on, and they had to slide over the paw and the injury. Lucky for Jake, his owner is an engineer, and she took matters into her own hands. Using breathable mesh that wrapped around the paw with Velcro, the first prototypes were created, which eventually led to the launch of Healers. They’re breathable, comfortable, and they eliminate the need for rolls of gauze to be wrapped around the injury.