Indigenous Pet Products

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Penford Corporation was started in 1895 where it utilized its expertise in carbohydrate science to introduce innovative solutions to the paper industry, and subsequently in 1991 the food industry. They used their progressive capabilities to build the nutritional platforms that they eventually utilized as a foundation for a pet nutrition program. Their knowledge of digestive, glycemic, heart health, and weight management allowed them to create the ideal health products for our four legged friends—and as a result of their dedication to helping our companion animals, Indigenous Pet Products was born. Indigenous Pet Products strives to improve health, vitality, and happiness of our beloved pets by using the perfect blend of science and nature to provide the best products available. Indigenous Pet Products believes nutrition is the gateway to pet happiness, and since they know health is provided by various approaches, they stay focused on designing, testing, and manufacturing premium products from start to finish for assorted health platforms to keep your furry friend healthy, happy, and active.