JClaw Tek

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Calling the high-tech environment of Southern California its home, JClaw Tek is in just the right place. A company that develops some of the most cutting-edge personal lighting devices around, JClaw Tek is making a name for itself in the world of technology. They are devoted to providing its customers with the utmost satisfaction, and they do this by delivering the highest quality with the most affordable prices. Originally started to provide outdoor equipment to adventurers, it wasn’t long before JClaw Tek shined the light, quite literally, on the pet world. Recognizing there was a serious need for their technology in homes with pets, they developed an innovative UV flashlight that could help pet parents spot hidden, dried urine stains on carpets. Using a powerful and bright LED light, this handy tool is a must-have for pet homes everywhere, helping to locate stains so they can be cleaned and deodorized.