K&H Pet Products

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K&H Pet Products in located in Colorado Springs, and is one of the leading producer of pet products in the industry. Known for their heated beds and mats, they offer a quality and innovate selection of products that provide comfort for pets everywhere—something owners can greatly appreciate. Recommended by thousands of veterinarians and pet experts, their product lineup is filled with reliable, affordable, and beneficial solutions for pets. In fact, every K&H bed and mat provides warmth to relax muscles for active pets, or to soothe joints and muscles for aging and arthritic pets. They use only the finest materials available in the industry, and they work closely with the MET Laboratory to ensure their products are safe for both pets and homes. They also pride themselves on being green and energy efficient. Thanks to their industry-changing technologies, most of the heated beds and products cost less to run than the average nightlight, and their foam is made from bio-based materials, with polyfil from recycled bottles.