King Kanine

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King Kanine knows that happy pets make for a happy pet owner, and vice versa. That’s why the team of passionate pet lovers work hard to create innovative products for pets. And they don’t just follow the trends—they actually pioneer new concepts for products that will make life easier and more useful for everyone. Enter King Komb. The first product they ever launched, it has been wildly successful, and it’s all due to its incredibly effective and useful design. The ultimate deshedding tool uses a unique three-bladed system that removes excess fur and the undercoat with ease. Furthermore, it also helps to relieve allergy sufferers by removing dander from the fur as well. And since it’s dual-sided, it serves dual purposes with 34 rubberized bristles that are perfect for shampooing, as well as massaging the coat and spreading natural oils. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, which mimics the motion of petting and keeps dogs calm during brushing. Plus, it’s proudly handmade in the USA.