Lovely Fresh

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Meet Lovely Fresh, a company that is run by animal lovers for animal lovers, and that is committed to making pet care simpler and safer for animals and their doting parents. And not only does Lovely Fresh aim to make products that are good for pets and their owners, but they go the extra mile by keeping the planet in mind too. Their natural line of grooming products was founded in 2014, and through extensive research, they were able to create quality options that are free from common chemicals. Lovely Fresh takes quality very seriously, and that’s why everything they offer is manufactured in the USA, where they can exercise strict quality control at every step of the way—and it’s all so that pet owners can buy with total confidence. Lovely Fresh knows that the earth is the source of all this goodness, and so they make sure to keep everything biodegradable and use responsible processes and recyclable packaging. It’s the natural choice for pet grooming!