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Majesty’s was created out of a need to provide a new form of delivery for supplements and nutrients. Using a unique wafer form as an alternative to powder and liquid supplements, it’s made by horse lovers for horse lovers, and it’s this expertise that makes the wafers so special. Typical top-dressed feed can often be ignored by the horses, and it makes herd feeding difficult. The wafer form allows owners to hand-feed the supplement straight to the horse, which ensures that the vitamins are taken and allows for herd feeding without separating the horses that need supplements. Additionally, it allows owners to pasture without graining at night. Made from tasty ingredients for 98% palatability, the wafers are made with a special process that is not baked, due to the temperature sensitivity of supplements and nutrients. Their full line of wafer supplements addresses a wide variety of equine needs, making it all around easy to give horses their necessary supplements.