Mighty Paw

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Mighty Paw exists because of an adorable dog named Barley. Born in 2011 and adopted in 2012, his parents have always been big exercise enthusiasts, and lucky for them, Barley is a great athlete. However, in their early days as a family, Barley’s parents struggled to find ways to exercise together. So thanks to Barley and his inspiring spirit, Mighty Paw was born. Because they believe that going for a run with dogs is one of life’s great pleasures, they designed a full range of products that make it easy and fun to engage in fitness activities with pets. Family-owned and operated out of Rochester, New York, the team stands firmly behind each and every product—and of course Barley is often used as the test pilot! Quite simply, Mighty Paw is created by pet lovers for pet lovers, and that is evident in the superb quality and innovative selections.