Moody Pet

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Michele Levan, founder of Moody Pet, grew up in a household filled with animals. From dogs and cats to frogs, chicks, and a snake, her family was huge advocates of sheltering homeless animals and bringing them back to health. So while she initially pursued a successful career in music, it was only a matter of time before Michele dedicated herself to her true passion and calling—the animals. Established in 1999, the original product line consisted of mood collars for dogs and cats, which is where the name originated. Since then, they have expanded tremendously, and today offer a full line of entertaining toys. With a motto that says “Only for dogs and cats with a good sense of humor,” it’s easy to see this brought to life in their products. Moody Pet believes that laughter and fun are the hallmarks of owning a pet, and they strive to bring that into the everyday. And drawing on her philanthropic roots, every year they donate to a variety of global animal and environmental causes.