Mr. Peanut's

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If there’s one thing that Mr. Peanut’s feels strongly about, it’s that animals deserve only the best. Their founding principal is to eliminate animal cruelty in as many ways possible, and so in addition to making quality pet products, they donate a portion of the profits to animal welfare organizations. They are a group of animal lovers that are devoted to selling great products, because this allows them to continue benefiting other animals with their philanthropy. And so, customers can rest assured that a Mr. Peanut’s purchase not only benefits their pet, but it benefits pets of all kinds in shelters and rescues in all areas. Mr. Peanut’s is committed to producing excellent products that are cruelty free, safe and ecologically produced—though they do use their products on their own pets to get just to get that “two paws up” approval. And it all comes at the best possible price, taking every measure to keep costs down, including no-frills packing so that customers can enjoy the savings.