My Dog Nose It!

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When My Dog Nose It! founder Jill Stephens noticed her dog was getting dark spots on his nose, she took him to the vet and was told that dogs need sun protection too. But after plenty of research, Stephens soon realized there wasn’t anything on the market targeted just for dogs, and that human sunscreen could be very dangerous to dogs. And so, she hired a chemist and set out to create her own line of products that cater specifically to the health and needs of dogs. Today, My Dog Nose It! offers a variety of options that help to protect your dog against the harmful effects of the sun, including sunburn and skin cancer. Whether you choose the quick-drying and water-resistant balm, which is free of parabens, or the non-aerosol spray, which is never greasy or oily, your dog can happily enjoy his time in the sun. And it’s all made right here in the USA.