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NonScents is run by a small but mighty team of dedicated business leaders and scientists whose focus is to create products with truly extraordinary odor control properties. They use their expertise to provide innovative technical insights into the prevention and degradation of unpleasant odors to improve consumers’ quality of everyday life—and with over 20 years of experience in this special field of chemistry, they’re excited to introduce products that stop pet odors before they have a chance to affect your home, environment, and well-being. Operating out of chemistry research facilities in Bellevue, WA, NonScents works to pursue original scientific concepts to solve the problem of unpleasant smells and microbially generated problems that affect everyday life, keeping your home clean and your pets happy. The odor-eliminating coating that they utilize is microscopic, undetectable, and harmless to touch, keeping your home safe and fresh from unpleasant litter box odors for good.