Pet Acoustics

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Pet Acoustics is a leader in the field of sonic solutions for animal well-being, founded by internationally recognized composer, researcher and sound behaviorist Janet Marlow. Her breakthrough research has helped thousands of pets and pet parents to resolve sound-triggered stress behaviors with specially-composed music. Founded with the commitment to meet the complex needs of pets and pet parents alike, Pet Acoustics offers a unique range of innovative, species-specific products based on pet hearing sensitivities and needs. The science behind Pet Acoustics products is a special process in which frequencies and decibel levels are modified for acute pet hearing sensitivities, in order to provide ideal sound environments that minimize pet stress and balance behaviors, whether they're at home or on the go. The Pet Acoustics team is constantly striving to innovate products that become lifestyle tools for pet parents to provide the best care for their pals. Their products use the natural, drug-free power of music to relieve anxious behaviors and help pets—and the people who love them—tune into a stress-free state of mind.