Pet Angel

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The Pet Angel grooming brush for pets comes from the creators of the Tangle Angel brush for humans. Based in the UK, the company experienced massive success with the Tangle Angel brush, which offered an innovative design to gently remove tangles from wet and dry hair. And so, the hair care experts set their sights on the pets and created Pet Angel. Offering the same gentle experience for dogs, the clever design gently coaxes out knots and tangles to leave hair shiny and luxuriously soft. It can also be used on both wet and dry hair, so it’s perfect for bath time. Plus, it’s extremely hygienic, containing special antibacterial additives that are 99.9% effective at reducing the growth of bacteria. The contoured base retains full bristle height with no reduction in performance once the coat is detangled, so it’s a smooth experience from start to finish. Because pets require regular grooming to look and feel their best, Pet Angel offers the kind and gentle way to remove mats and share a bonding moment with dogs.