Pet Genie

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Pet Genie is from the creators of the popular and successful Litter Genie. After finding a hygienic solution for cat owners to dispose of cat waste, they turned their focus on the dog owners, and so the Pet Genie was born. Perfect for pet owners using potty pads to train new puppies, or for senior dogs who wear diapers, or anyone who needs a place to dispose of poop bags after a walk, Pet Genie was made to grant all wishes. The unique waste disposal pail offer an easy way to hold pet waste, and the miracle-working design locks away odors to leave homes smelling fresh and clean. Using a patented Push-N-Lock system to contain smells, as well as special bags that also block smells, it’s powerful protection for the home. In fact, the Pet Genie refills use 7-layer bags with a strong barrier technology that locks away odors and germs, and they are proven to be 4,000 times more effective at blocking air than single-layer trash bags.