Pet Greens

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Pet Greens believes that all pets could benefit from making “green” part of their routine. The first company to offer a complete line of pet products made with cereal grasses and other healthy greens, Pet Greens’ live grasses and treats benefit all kinds of different animals. Starting as a novel idea backed by a love for animals and a farm, Pet Greens got its roots, quite literally, as a certified organic grower of wheat grass for pets. Soon they started adding more to the line, and today they offer a complete product offering that includes various grasses, treats, catnip and even self-growing kits to sprinkle greens into every diet. Pet Greens knows that pets are an important part of their owner’s life, and they wholeheartedly believe in the power of green. It’s more the just a catchy phrase—it’s the core of their inspiration and mission.