Pet Life

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Pet Life started in New York City in 2007, fueled by the dream of two driven CEOs to become a leader in pet fashion. Starting in a tiny office with a slightly larger warehouse, they launched their first collections in 2008. Success came fast, and Pet Life soon grew into a larger space, and then even larger spaces after that. Today, Pet Life operates in and manages two 70,000 square foot facilities in New Jersey, and it’s a testament to their true spirit, drive and expertise. The team is tireless, talented and laser focused on innovation, as well as filling a void in the market, and giving pet owners fashionable options for their loving pets. They offer a wide variety of adorable and functional apparel, from full-body winter coats for extreme dogs, to neck ties for the most dapper ones, and everything in between. Their goal is to make pet owners smile while meeting their needs.