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PetEdge is a company that strives to live up to their name by having the “edge” in the pet industry. And it all goes back to 1956, when founder Loeb Katz began supplying serums to local dairy farms in the New England area. Over the last 60 years, they have grown tremendously, and are now proud to name a host of respectable brands as part of the family. The PetEdge mission is simple, and that is to continue finding better ways to serve pet owners, come up with more creative solutions, and hold their spot as a leader in the industry. And through this mission, they create incredible value and innovation for their customers. PetEdge never stops looking for ways to be better, and it’s evident in every single product they offer. They are a team that is comprised of real people who have a passion for pets, and perhaps it’s this family-spirited vibe that is the true driving force behind their success.