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PetSTEP knows that dog owners want to bring their furry pals wherever they go, so they set out to make this as easy as possible. A premier manufacturer of ramps for companion animals, PetSTEP makes it possible for animals to leave the home, enter and exit vehicles, and go about their normal routine. Whether pets have limited mobility due to age, injury or surgery, the PetSTEP ramps help to put a little normalcy and independence back into their life. Dedicated to get them moving again, PetSTEP has a history of being innovative and setting industry “firsts.” They were the first to make a portable folding ramp, the first (and only) to feature a rubberized tread surface, the first to make a high-strength composite ramp, and the first to make the lightest portable ramp. In short, PetSTEP makes the happiness and comfort of pets their business, and they are committed to keeping pets and their owners together.