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PetSilver brings to the pet world the healing power of chelated silver. The active ingredient in PetSilver products, chelated silver offers an all-natural and non-toxic way to treat a variety of skin ailments and ear infections. Proven to be incredibly beneficial in a variety of ways, chelated silver is highly effective in blocking the oxygen in microorganisms, which suffocates and kills them. It also blocks the nourishment to bacteria that don’t need oxygen to survive, making it highly effective in killing over 650 disease-causing bacteria. And unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, it leave the tissue cell enzymes intact. It also promotes speedy healing, which makes it great for use on burns, scratches, hot spots, wounds, and more. Available as a spray form, shampoo, and as an ear wash, PetSilver products are totally safe for pets to use, and the non-drying formulas contain no alcohol, chlorine, or iodine-based chemicals. It’s the all-natural and effective way to provide healing and relief to your pet.