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Petbuddies was started by a love of pets. And from that simple beginning, they grew into a successful company that is proud to offer high-quality products that keep the health and well-being of pets in mind—as well as the convenience that pet owners need and want! One of the most unique and defining characteristics of Petbuddies is the science behind the color selection of their toys. Based on the research that finds dogs are not completely colorblind, and can in fact see shades of blues and yellows, all of their toys come in these tones. This way, it stands out against the background and makes them easier for dogs to spot, thus increasing the level of interest and interaction. And in addition to toys, they also offer a selection of products to make life with pets just a little bit easier. Including grooming tools made with revolutionary bristles that attract dirt and hair, to can covers that keep food fresh, Petbuddies is destined to be the buddy of pet owners everywhere.