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Petflect founder Robert Levi had a close call while on a walk with his black Labrador Retriever, Lucy. That close call gave him the goal to create a safety system that is comfortable for dogs to wear, and high quality enough so that owners can have peace of mind. It needed to be effective so that dogs can be spotted during the day and night, and of course it also had to look great too. So with that, the Petflect Reflective Safety System was born. With a motto to be safe and be seen, Levi has had dogs his entire life, so keeping pets safe is his passion. The lightweight, breathable vests are visible from more than 500 feet away, with bright coloring and reflective strips that take every precaution, because they know that’s how cautious pet owners would want it. So whether you’re going off leash on a trail, or you simply want drivers on the road to know you’re there, it keeps your precious pup visible—because dogs are meant to be seen.