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Petkin Inc. is a California based company founded in 1989 on the key principle of making better, easier-to-use pet products. Their first idea as a company was to create convenient wipes for pets. They came up with the idea to combine the words “pet” and “napkin,” giving start to the company name Petkin. The initial pet wipes were a hit, establishing the company and preparing them for the growth they’d see in the upcoming years. Since their beginning they have continued to expand their line or products, now offering a broad range of convenient and easy-to-use offerings for both dogs and cats. Every product developed by Petkin must pass two important checks before being sold to the public—the quality of each product must be the best it can be, and it must be easy to use. Look for the quality seals on their packaging letting you know the item is safe for pets, quality tested, contains healthy ingredients, better for the environment and easier to use.