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Petya was started with the worthy cause of making pet treats that are both delicious and nutritious for dogs while being good for the environment. And so, they took a less-than-conventional route when sourcing alternative proteins—they went back to the roots of human and animal ancestors, and found that the answer was insects. All of their products use sustainable cricket powder, which is amazingly delicious while being safe, organic, high quality, and healthy. In fact, crickets contain twice as much protein as beef, as much B12 as salmon, more calcium than milk, and 15% more iron than spinach. And even better than that, sourcing crickets has minimal impact on the environment—and the proof is in the numbers. Crickets produce 100x less greenhouse gas than their cow counterparts, and they only use one gallon of water compared to cows that require 2,000 gallons. Simply put, it’s good for dogs and good for the environment!