Pogi's Pet Supplies

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Pogi’s Pet Supplies is the namesake of a lovable French Bulldog named Pogi. After inspiring his owners to create a company that makes earth-friendly products for pets, Pogi’s Pet Supplies was born. Pogi’s makes caring for pets and the environment a breeze, with a selection of products that combine their two passions. Their extra-large poop bags offer convenience for pet owners, with scented and unscented options that pick up their mess without creating another one. And just as important, the EPI technology allows the bags to completely break down in as short as 18 months, and the cardboard cores and packaging are made from 100 recyclable materials. Additionally, their cat and dog wipes offer an easy way to freshen up between baths, while the bamboo base is earth-friendly, passing Oeko-Tex standards and breaking down quickly to keep parks and landfills wipe-free. The whole idea is to enjoy pet ownership while remaining focused on the environment.