Prima Pets

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Prima Pets is the company that can be trusted to create amazing pet products. Best known for their collapsible travel bowls, they make it easy to keep pets hydrated and fed anywhere they go. The ultra-portable design is perfect for road trips, long walks, hot days, and pretty much anywhere owners want to take their favorite furry companion. The ultra-easy design is simple—it folds flat for travel into a slim disc shape that can be stashed just about anywhere, and then it quickly pops up to hold food and water. The included carabiner clip attaches to backpacks, belt loops, or leashes, or it can also fit into purses and bags. It’s also thoughtfully made to be pet safe, with non-porous food-grade silicone and a BPA-free plastic rim. Available in a variety of fun colors, it’s the perfect answer for feeding and hydrating pets while on the go!