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Resco Pet Products is a division of Tecla Co., Inc. Tecla was founded in 1897 by Thomas E. Clark and the company has remained in the Clark family for the past 4 generations. Despite the tribulations of the stock market crash in 1929 and subsequent depression, the company persevered to evolve, grow and remain in business by selling quality mechanical and electrical equipment. In the late thirties, the dog nail trimmer was developed and the brand name “RESCO” (Research Engineering and Sales Company) was first used. At the start of World War II in 1939, Resco took a break as Tecla became involved in the war effort. When the war finally ended, the Clark family was able to put focus back into creating pet products for professional groomers and handlers. Within a few short years, Resco Pet Products consumed most of Tecla’s manufacturing capabilities and their focus was devoted to quality American-manufactured products for the pet industry. Tecla’s employees continue to look forward to serving the pet industry through Resco.