Rug Doctor

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Rug Doctor exists to give people the power of clean—and perhaps nobody can appreciate this more than pet owners. The global market leader in do-it-yourself deep carpet cleaning, the Rug Doctor has been saving homes from dirty floors for over four decades. It all started in Fresno, California when the owner created a professional carpet cleaner in his own garage, and he was quickly inspired to share the cleaning power with the masses. Today, they offer a wide variety of cleaning solutions that meet the specific needs of pet owners, and their leading brand has earned the highest level of consumer loyalty in the industry according to the esteemed Nielsen ratings. And most importantly, everything is safe and effective, because pets and their loving parents deserve nothing less. At the Rug Doctor, they believe “it isn’t clean unless you wash it with soap and water,” and their selection of cleaners allow people to do just that. Because home is where you should feel comfortable!