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SleekEZ was created by a long-time, experienced equine dentist named Jennifer Tipton. As a horse, cat and dog owner herself, she knew all too well the amount of hair that animals can shed—especially during shedding season! This shedding was especially a bother when trying to work on horse patients, as the hair would get in her face and nose while she was trying to care for their teeth. And so, she created her own grooming stick prototype. It was so effective and popular that fellow co-owners kept asking to borrow it, and when they were reluctant to give it back, Jennifer realized there was a demand. She made a few more prototypes by hand, working hard to perfect the comfortable grip and getting just the right tooth pattern. Her hard work paid off, and today SleekEZ is a leading grooming tool on the market, working to rid homes of excess hair, dander and dirt.