Squishy Face Studio

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Started in 2009, Squishy Face Studio is a family owned business inspired by the love of their own pets. Justin and Jessica Lohmann own three dogs that have all been labeled “pit bulls” or pit bull mixes; though, as with many rescued and adopted dogs, the truth is that their pups are mutts of indistinguishable origin. No matter what the DNA tests say, their dogs are a perpetual source of happiness and a constant reminder of what is right with the world to them. Squishy Face Studio is dedicated to creating the most innovative and durable toys and accessories available for exceptionally strong and active dogs. Their products are created to provide both mental and physical exercise, keeping your family happy and healthy. Squishy Face Studio remains passionate about dogs, and specifically about defending “bully” breeds and fighting Breed Specific Legislation. They strive to educate others about the misunderstood breeds and donate to national organizations that support the goal of No More Homeless Pets. All their toys are proudly made in the USA. Dogs deserves the best because of the loving relationships they create, and there is nothing in life better than that.