Stud Muffins

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Stud Muffins was created by a one-woman powerhouse named Sandi Augustine, along with the help of her friends and family. It all began back in October of 1997, when at the time, Sandi was managing a barn of 36 horse. She wanted to make them all a Halloween treat, but none of the recipes she tried were up to her high standards. So finally, with the help of her friend Michelle, she came up with her own formula on a rainy afternoon. Over the next few days she recruited more hands to help with the gooey, complicated process, and finally it was time to take the results to the barn. The first horse she gave to it gobbled it up, and let out some whinnies and nickers for more. And so she went back to the kitchen to get ready for Halloween, and left all the owners their treats. Horse after horse whinnied in delight, and she started getting ready for Christmas. During this time her friend asked for some samples to sell at a tack store, and when they sold out in days, Sandi knew she had a business. She quit her barn manager job after Christmas, and she’s been making the handmade treats ever since—still with the help of friends and family!