Tasty Worms

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Tasty Worms Nutrition was founded by husband and wife Christopher and Heather Bosdal. They owned a growing bat rehabilitation effort in Central Florida, and they needed to support their food needs. Because bats can eat their own weight in insects every night—resulting in a number as high as 3,000 insects—they were quickly facing a food shortage when helping several bats at once. They couldn’t order enough mealworms to keep up! And so, the passionate pair opened the family-owned and operated Tasty Worms, and began supplying both themselves and the public with high-quality products. One of their best sellers are the dried chubby mealworms, which use a special drying process that seals in flavor and nutrition. Suitable for feeding a wide range of animals including chickens, reptiles, bluebirds, hedgehogs, and ducks, they are 100% natural with all the nutrition they need.