The Refined Feline

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The Refined Feline came about all because of a loving and handsome cat named Kerpal. His owners were living in a small apartment in New Jersey at the time, and they were frustrated with the lack of cat products that were currently on the market. Because they had limited space, and had to share their space with Kerpal and his belongings as well, they were looking for something to suit both of their needs—it had to be cat-friendly and functional, but it also needed to be stylish and blend in with their own décor. And so, their dilemma became their solution and The Refined Feline was born. Starting with just one product, they soon experienced success, and the lineup keeps growing. They take great care to meet face to face with cat owners, and survey even more over the internet, and it’s all in a quest to find out what cat lovers really need and want, so that living with cats can be just as wonderful as it should be.