Top Performance

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Top Performance is a respected brand of PetEdge, a company that strives to live up to their name by having the “edge” in the pet industry. And it all goes back to 1956, when founder Loeb Katz began supplying serums to local dairy farms in the New England area. Over the last 60 years, they have grown tremendously, and are now proud to name brands like Top Performance as part of the family. A leading maker of pet accessories and apparel, Top Performance offers an adorable selection of bandanas that are designed to match the all the different pet personalities around. Perfect for holidays, special occasions or just adding a special touch to the every day, there’s an option that’s suited to every precious pooch. Their top priority is to make pets and their owners happy, and that is by providing value, quality and style. It’s a family-spirited company that is comprised of real people who are passionate about pets, and this is evident in every single stitch.