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Simply put, Whistle love pets. Add to that a passion for technology, and their revolutionary company was born. Founded on the belief that a relationship with pets is one of the most important bonds that anyone can have in life, Whistle knows that a deep understanding of their health is critical to strengthening that connection. And with that in mind, they changed the way that pet owners can proactively care for their pets. Thanks to a lengthy expertise in pets, technology, and data analytics, Whistle has successfully built a company on developing a system of smart products for both owners and pets—and it’s all to enrich the relationship with animals, with the potential to add precious years to every pet’s life. Their groundbreaking Whistle 3 device is a GPS location and activity tracker in one, allowing concerned parents to track their cat or dog on their smartphone with continuous GPS mapping, as well as monitor their level of activity and set custom goals. Reliable and accurate, the Whistle 3 offers comprehensive coverage, offering the peace of mind that pet owners need and deserve.