bff Bones

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bff Bones know that man’s best friend deserves tasty rewards that are good for him too. That’s why their taking an innovative approach to dog treats that combine the best of both worlds! By putting healthy, crunchy biscuits and freeze-dried proteins in one bag, it’s a tasting experience that dogs will love and crave. And since they know dog owners worry about what they are feeding their precious friends, they are committed to serving up only the best, natural products. All the ingredients are sourced from responsible suppliers, and the freeze-dried meat proteins are all sourced from USDA facilities, and are completely free from antibiotics. It takes time to find the best, but bff Bones is happy to go the extra mile to keep owners and their best friends happy and satisfied. Go ahead and sniff some out! With a motto that goes “Human desired and dog approved,” all the tasty recipes sound like they came out of a family cookbook—and they happen to come from the family-owned bakery in Maryland, USA.