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New Pet

New pets are exciting additions to any household. As a pet owner and possibly a first-time pet parent, you want to make your new animals feel as comfortable and as welcome as possible in their new home. Thus, properly preparing for their arrival is key. New pets require a variety of pet products that are essential to their needs. From dog food and cat food to dog beds, cat treats and dog collars, Chewy offers everything you need to help your new pet assimilate into your household.

First off, you’ll want to consider the dietary needs of your new pet. Chewy has an array of pet food to choose from that is fit for animals of all ages, sizes and energy levels. Overweight dogs, for example, may benefit from a diet dog food, and puppies will require additional nutrients to support their growing bodies and developing bones. Chewy carries specially-designed puppy food for your little pupper. Older pets may benefit from joint-supporting glucosamine supplements added to their everyday food. Other pet supplements such as omega-3s can help give a pet’s coat a nice shine, and probiotics for dogs can help to keep a pup’s tummy healthy. Pets will also need dog food bowl and cat water bowls to eat and drink from, and you may even want to purchase a dog or cat food placemat to put underneath their bowls to keep the area that they dine in nice and tidy.

Next, you’ll want to find a comfortable place for your new pet to sleep. Chewy offers a variety of dog beds, cat beds, blankets, dog crates, cat carriers, crate pads and pet furniture options to help your new pet feel right at home. In addition, you’ll want to pick up a variety of pet toys to keep your pet stimulated and occupied.

Another essential pet product category to consider is pet hygiene. Your new dog or cat will need a toothbrush and pet-approved toothpaste. You’ll need nail clippers to clip your new pet’s nails, and cats need a cat scratching post to keep their nails filed down and a cat tree to climb up. You’ll need dog poop bags for disposing of your dog’s waste and a cat litter box for a new cat. Pets also need prescription flea and tick treatments to keep them safe from biting pests, and prescription heartworm prevention.

You will also need to think about traveling with your pet. Chewy offers a variety of dog and cat carriers as well as products that can help your pet to feel safe while on a road trip. You will also need things like dog leashes, cat collars, dog harnesses and training leads and collars.

Getting a new pet is a wonderful experience, but preparing for one can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Chewy has all the pet products that you need in order to get your pet off to a healthy and happy start.

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