Kitten Supplies

Kittens are cuddly and lovable additions to any household. As a new kitten owner, you’ll want to do everything you can to provide a lifetime of health and happiness. In order to do that, you’ll need to pick up the necessary products for your new feline friend.

Kittens need plenty of kitten toys, such as cat feather wand toys, cat teaser toys and cat plush mice in order to keep them mentally stimulated and to provide them with the daily exercise that they need. They may also benefit from a sprinkle of catnip every now and then on a cat scratcher. A kitten will also require nutritious kitten food that is specifically designed to help a young kitty grow into a healthy and active adult cat. Kitten treats are a great way to reward a tiny feline for staying calm during an examination at the veterinarian’s office or just anytime.

Cats crave comfortable spots to lounge in, so it’s important to provide your new kitten with a soft plush cat bed, whether it’s one that doubles as a cat condo or a standard pillow bed for a cat. There are a variety of cat litter box options for new kittens, such as covered or open, manual or automatic, and ones with lower sides. Chewy offers options in all categories to cater to whatever your new kitten prefers.

Chewy has a vast selection of kitten products that can meet all of your young and growing cat’s needs—everything from kitten food to cat litter and cat trees to cat treats. The Frisco 28-inch cat tree in an animal print provides safe platforms for her to play, hunt, jump and sleep on. The Ethical Pet Laser Exerciser is a laser pointer keychain that will tap into your kitten’s natural prey drive as she chases a bouncing laser light around the house. And for owners with multiple cats who are considering the addition of a kitten, the Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal MicroGuard Fresh Scent cat litter helps to fight litter box odors with its baking soda-based ingredients. Check out our ever-growing collection of kitten essentials at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best cat supplies.

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