Cat Dry Food Toppings

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Cat Dry Food Toppings

As a cat owner, you’ve done your research to find the brand of cat food that best meets your pet’s needs. But dry cat food toppers can also give your feline an occasional boost of nutrients and a variety of ingredients that are not found in your pet’s everyday food. Dry cat food toppers come in small, resealable pouches or cans and can be sprinkled onto a cat’s food during mealtimes. They offer a great way to add new flavors to your pet’s food.

If your cat eats a diet that is primarily made of chicken, sprinkling in a dry cat food topping that is fish- or seafood-based can help to provide her with some extra omegas. Mixing in a beef topper for cat food will add amino acids. Dry cat food toppings that have rabbit as a main ingredient will give your pet a hearty dose of new, novel protein that she might not get in her everyday dry cat food.

Chewy has a wide selection of cat dry food toppings that you can add to your pet’s everyday dry and wet cat food. The Instinct by Nature's Variety Raw Boost Mixers Chicken Recipe freeze-dried cat food topper allows your cat to experience the benefits of an ancestral diet. It features all-natural, minimally processed, real, raw nutrition that is made from ingredients that include non-GMO fruits and vegetables, cage-free chicken, and chicken liver. The Cat-Man-Doo Sprinkles crushed bonito flakes allow you to top off the cat bowl with pre-crushed flakes of dried bonito fish for a boost of protein and natural fish oils. And the Wysong Optimize Wild Caught Salmon food topper is a cat dry food topping that is made with wild-caught salmon, New Zealand green lipped muscles and organic mushrooms. Your cat will love the variety that a dry cat food topper adds to her daily meal. Whether you're looking for dry cat food toppints for your cuddly kitty, or the best cat crate mat to fit that cat carrier or cat kennel, Chewy has your pet needs covered with the best pet products and the best cat products.

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