Cat Grooming Supplies

Keeping your cat in show-worthy condition will make you the envy of other pet parents, but it also promotes good feline overall health. Good cat grooming is about so much more than a shiny coat of fur. By grooming your cat you're preventing potentially harmful health conditions. You can reduce the cat grooming cost by grooming your pet at home. When it comes to fur, brush your cat several times a week with a good cat brush. Chewy carries a wide range of cat brushes and cat grooming gloves. The Four Paws Love Glove Grooming Mitt is a great way to keep your feline's fur shiny and healthy. The glove removes loose hair as you massage and pet your kitty. The Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush has minimal cleanup thanks to retractable pins. Simply touch a button, and hair falls away making it easy to wipe the pad clean. Need to remove allergens from your home? If someone in your home is allergic to cat hair, having a pet can be challenging. Loose hair also causes hairballs, which are stressful and uncomfortable for your cat. The FURminator Short Hair De-Shedding Edge helps reduce shedding by 90%. If your cat hates bathing, try Earthbath grooming wipes. Remove dirt from fur and reduce allergens with these easy to use gentle wipes.Your cat's ears and eyes need grooming too. Her eyes should be clear, shiny and moist-looking. Cat eye grooming can be done with sterile eye wash pads from Miracle Care. Miracle Care Sterile Eye Wash are easy to use cleansing pads remove dirt, grime and infection causing bacteria from the fur around your cat's eyes. Cleaning cat ears is easier with advanced ear cleanser from brands like Zymox and Virbac. Don't like using sprays? Try Earthbath ear wipes for cats for an easy and gentle way to clean out your cat's ears. Trimming a cat's nails every few weeks is also an important part of maintaining your cat's health. Find all these cat grooming supplies and more on Chewy and make grooming your pet a priority.

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