ScoopFree Sensitive Unscented Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter, 2 pack

By ScoopFree
Rated 3.3718 out of 5 stars
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ScoopFree Sensitive Unscented Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter, 2 pack slide 1 of 7
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ScoopFree Sensitive Unscented Non-Clumping Crystal Cat Litter, 2 pack slide 1 of 7
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Rated 3.3718 out of 5 stars
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$23.70Chewy Price
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Top IngredientsN/AcrystalN/AN/AN/A
Litter FeatureNon-Clumping, Odor Control, Unscented, Dust Free, Low TrackingNon-Clumping, Unscented, LightweightNon-Clumping, Odor Control, Scented, Dust Free, Low TrackingNon-Clumping, Odor Control, Scented, Dust Free, Low TrackingOdor Control, Unscented, Non-Clumping
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About This Item

  • Premium litter is completely free of perfumes and dyes, making it ideally suited for sensitive cats and owners.
  • Quickly absorbs urine and dries solid waste for odor control that’s five times better than clumping clay litters.
  • Long-lasting formula uses up to five times less litter than clay or clumping; one bag contains 4.5 pounds of litter can last up to 30 days in a single-cat household.
  • Low-tracking and 99% dust-free crystals won’t stick to kitty’s paws so your home stays clean and litter-free.
  • Perfectly proportioned for use in the PetSafe ScoopFree Reusable Cat Litter Tray, but can also be used in any standard litter pan.
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Questions & Answers

9 Customer Questions

Is this 9 lbs. Each bag or for both?
Answer by ChewyFeb 14, 2018
Each bag is 4.5 pounds.

How dusty would you say this is during both initial pouring & scooping? Some people say other crystal litters are much less dusty than clay, but others say they get clouds of dust when they pour it in the box, & even stir up some dust when they scoop.
Answer by ChewyFeb 11, 2018
This litter is 99% dust free when pouring and when your cat is using it. There is a chance that small dust clouds will form when pouring the litter too fast.

Is this pure silica, or a mixture.
Answer by ChewyFeb 13, 2020
This Sensitive variety of crystal litter is completely free of dyes and fragrances and only includes amorphous silica gel crystal litter.

Is this litter very fine in texture? Is it more like a sand texture?
Answer by ChewyMay 08, 2018
The Litter texture is thicker than sand, it is crystal form.

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Rated 3.3718 out of 5 stars
78 Reviews
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78 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By ChloesMom on Nov 7, 2021

The Best Ever!

I have had many cats in my life and mostly used clay litter. The boxes were very heavy and smelled. I did scoop every day. When I found crystal litter everything changed. It is very light and it doesn't make a mess and NO ODOR! Scoop Free has 3 varieties but I prefer the fragrance free . Not interested in any scent. Still, there is no odor in the box. I use 1 box (2 bags) in a high wall box and with daily scooping and one cat, I change every 3-4 weeks. I am a senior and can empty the box into a garbage bag and carry outside easily. Well worth it!

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By TheWorst on Dec 8, 2021

Like a desert sandstorm just passed through your home

This is the dustiest litter I have ever used. It is insane. Mounds of white dust covers everything - EVERYTHING. I do NOT recommend this litter unless you want to thoroughly dust and vacuum after every time your cat uses the litter box AND after every time you need to scoop it. BEWARE

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By cenmad on Sep 21, 2021

Good, truly unscented

We use this litter in the box nearest our bedroom because it tracks much less than clay litter (no litter in the bed this way). The cats clearly don't like it as much as clay, but they do use it a couple times per day (2 cats, 2 litter boxes). I like that it's truly free of scent, and isn't dusty once it settles. I completely dump it every 2 weeks, and there's zero odor during that time. Definitely the best of the 5 or 6 crystal litters I've tried.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Objectivism on Sep 5, 2021

Starts smelling too quickly

The cat is fine with it but I am not. I tried this because my normal crystal litter was out of stock for many weeks. This one doesn't control the odor nearly as well - maybe because it is unscented? No way it lasts as long as it claims - even for just one cat. Anyway back to the other brand now that it is available again.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By libton on Oct 16, 2021

Read the directions!

This litter must be for a specific type of litter box. Did not know that when we purchased. We had nothing but a big mess. If it is made for your litter box, then you might like it.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Lolo on Sep 1, 2021

No thanks, no good

This litter is so-so at best. The granules are much larger than they look in the pics. I have been using a different fine-grain silica litter but they are currently are back ordered. I don’t think this one absorbs as well as others I have used. The bags are small and expensive and not worth it.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By vkfins on Sep 21, 2021

crystal litter

I like the lighter weight of the product. But it does not last as long in retaining the smell or of absorbing the liquid. It is also duster than similar types of litter. Overall I will not buy this product again

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Anon on Aug 4, 2021

Pee Puddles of pain

The crystals on these were large and sharp, they were uncomfortable in my hand, I couldn't imagine how uncomfortable they must have been to stand on. The crystals did nothing. They did not absorb any liquid, they didn't help with the odor, they didn't stick to anything other than my cats paws. Imagine finding aquarium gravel in your bed, yeah, not great. I regret purchasing this and couldn't recommend it to anyone.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars
By Sailinglib on Jun 27, 2021

Unfortunate experience

Purchased this as a one-time purchase to try. Chewy was VERY reliable on their end, however, this product was very dusty...both bags! I had to run the exhaust fan for 30 minutes to clear the cloud out of a large, open, well ventilated, air-conditioned bathroom just to fill the litter pan. Unfortunately, our young cat hated the texture so much, he held himself for 1.5 days before defecating. We thought he was passed it only to repeat the process again. When he urinated, the white crystals would remain yellow for hours, even after I stirred and stirred immediately after his potty transaction. It was a miserable four day journey before I gave up and went to yet another completely different litter he immediately accepted. He usually just uses whatever litter I put in his litter pan. He acted as if the crystals hurt his paws. I believe we would have had success if there wasn't so much dust with every paw stroke and swish of litter scoop, smell of plastic or chemical-even though it was unscented, and if the texture wasn't so sharp to his paw pads.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By NoeValley on Jun 8, 2021

Worst of Five Brands

I’ve been trying a variety of crystal litters and this was the least effective, by far. In theory, each bag should last two weeks, for a total of four. I didn’t even get three weeks total from the two bags. My cat isn’t a fan either. Equally annoying, this brand ended up spreading outside the box, father and more often than all the other brands. It also seemed to generate more dust when pouring and cleaning, but that’s harder to compare. Every other brand I’ve tried, each full tray lasted a minimum of two weeks before there was any noticeable odor. This one barely manages a week. So while this brand is cheaper per pound, it ends up costing more in total.