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Your furry friend must have a current heartworm test result on file with your veterinarian in order to be prescribed heartworm medication. Please visit your veterinarian to have this test performed annually to protect your four-legged friend. Sentinel is a monthly oral preventive prescription that guards against heartworms, adult roundworms, adult hookworms, whipworms, and prevents the development of flea eggs. It protects your dog against heartworm disease and intestinal worms, all in a palatable, flavored tablet.


Sentinel Flavor Tabs are formuled for dogs and puppies, four weeks of age and older, and two pounds body weightnor greater. T It is also formulated to help prevent and control flea populations, and for the treatment and control of adult roundworm, hookworm and whipworm infections. Concurrent use of an adulticide product may be necessary for adequate control of adult fleas.

Possible Side Effects

The following adverse reactions have been reported in dogs alter giving milbemycin oxime or lufenuron: vomiting, depression/lethargy, pruritus, urticaria, diarrhea, anorexia, skin congestion, ataxia, convulsions, hypersalivation, and weakness.

Drug & Food Interactions

Talk to your veterinarian about any other drugs your dog is taking before starting this medication.


Do not use in puppies less than four weeks of age and less than two pounds of body weight. The temporary use of an adulticide product may be necessary to kill these adult fleas. Not for use in humans. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children.

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    Use according to your veterinarian's instructions.

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    Milbemycin Oxime, Lufenuron

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    Extra Small & Toy Breeds

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    Heartworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms, Fleas

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Milbemycin Oxime, Lufenuron

Recommended Dosage

Sentinel Flavor Tabs are given orally, once a month, at the recommended minimum dosage ofn0.23 mg/lb (0.5 mg/kg) milbemycin oxime and 4.55 mg/lb (10mg/kg) lufenuron.nDogs over 100 lbs are provided the appropriate combination of tablets.n

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place at controlled room temperature between 59° - 77°F.

SENTINEL SPECTRUM should be administered orally, once every month, at the minimum dosage. To ensure adequate absorption, always administer SENTINEL SPECTRUM to dogs immediately after or in conjunction with a normal meal. The chewables should be administered in a manner that encourages the dog to chew, rather than to swallow without chewing. Chewables may be broken into pieces and fed to dogs that normally swallow treats whole. Care should be taken that the dog consumes the complete dose, and treated animals should be observed a few minutes after administration to ensure that no part of the dose is lost or rejected. If it is suspected that any of the dose has been lost, redosing is recommended.

Heartworm Prevention: SENTINEL SPECTRUM should be administered at monthly intervals beginning within 1 month of the dog’s first seasonal exposure to mosquitoes and continuing until at least 6 months after the dog’s last seasonal exposure. SENTINEL SPECTRUM may be administered year-round without interruption. When switching from another heartworm preventative product to SENTINEL SPECTRUM, the first dose of SENTINEL SPECTRUM should be given within a month of the last dose of the former product.

Flea Treatment and Prevention: Treatment with SENTINEL SPECTRUM may begin at any time of the year, preferably starting one month before fleas become active and continuing monthly through the end of flea season. In areas where fleas are common year-round, monthly treatment with SENTINEL SPECTRUM should continue the entire year without interruption. To minimize the likelihood of flea reinfestation, it is important to treat all animals within a household with an approved flea protection product, as necessary.

Intestinal Nematode and Cestode Treatment and Control: Dogs may be exposed to and can become infected with roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, and tapeworms throughout the year, regardless of season or climate. Clients should be advised of appropriate measures to prevent reinfection of their dog with intestinal parasites. Because the prepatent period for E. multilocularis may be as short as 26 days, dogs treated at the labeled monthly intervals may become reinfected and shed eggs between treatments.


How are Sentinel Spectrum and Sentinel Flavor Tabs different from other heartworm medications?

Not all heartworm medicines provide the same spectrum of parasite protection. Sentinel Flavor Tabs are chewable tablets that protect dogs against fleas, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. Sentinel Spectrum is a soft, beef and bacon flavored chew that adds tapeworm protection to offer the broadest coverage available.

My dog weighs more than 100 pounds. Are Sentinel Specturm or Sentinel Flavor Tabs a good option for him?

Yes. Talk to your veterinarian about the appropriate dose for your pet.

My dog is a toy breed. Are Sentinel Specturm or Sentinel Flavor Tabs okay for his small size?

Yes. Both Sentinel Specturm and Sentinel Flavor Tabs offer a size that can be given to small dogs. Sentinel Spectrum has a size available for dogs weighing from 2–8 lbs and Sentinel Flavor Tabs has a size available for dogs weighing from 2–10 lbs.

I see a few fleas on my dog. Is the medication working?

You may see an occasional “hitchhiker” adult flea that your dog has picked up at the dog park or in the yard or other infested environments where 95% of the flea population lives in the form of eggs, maggot-like larvae, and pupae. Sentinel Specturm and Sentinel Flavor Tabs put an end to fleas before they become adults. You may need an adulticide, such as Effitix Topical Solution for Dogs, to treat occasional adult fleas.

Can I give either Sentinel Spectrum or Sentinel Flavor Tabs to my cat?

No, both Sentinel Spectrum and Sentinel Flavor Tabs are only approved for use in dogs.

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  • Totally Recommend

    By on

    Glad you still have these. The other Sentinels are too strong for my 8 pound dog even though it says 8 to 25 pounds. These are just perfect. Don’t stop offering them. Chewy contacted my vet right away for approval and I got this fast, thanks chewy!

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  • I purchased 2 six packs of Sentinel Flavor Tablets for Dogs.

    By on

    I received a year's supply of Sentinel. I wasn't happy with the expiration date. It was the same expiration date as the pills I bought a year ago. I hope this doesn't happen next year. Customer service was outstanding though and I was happy with everything else!

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  • Heartworm medicane

    By on

    Works great for small dogs. Best price on line for this product.

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  • Always used it

    By on

    Love it, best price, works really well, never seen any fleas on my dog, also protects against parasites, and heart worm prevention.

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  • Great Choice

    By on

    It's been 2 weeks and I've noticed less scratching and rubbing on the carpet!

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  • Chewy for prescription

    By on

    This was the first time I ordered a prescription through Chewy. Everything went very smooth.

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  • Chewy excited is awesome

    By on

    I’ll never shop elsewhere, chewy is affordable and reliable.

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