Siberian Huskies For Dummies

By Diane Morgan   |   Published On: Dec 1, 2000
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Learn everything you need to know about the great Husky with the Wiley Siberian Huskies For Dummies. Bred for loyalty, strength and endurance, the Husky is an active breed that loves the outdoors. They are prized for their great beauty, intelligence, wonderful way with children and lack of “dog smell," and this crash course is perfect for busy Husky fans who have a lot of love but not a lot of time to read. A must for anyone who already owns the breed or is thinking about getting one, it offers breed-specific information on how to raise and train your Husky so they thrive.

Find out what it takes to own this easy-going and socialable dog, and explore their personality traits and living requirements. This go-to guide covers all aspects of Husky ownership, including how to find and deal with reputable breeders, how to choose the right Husky for you, the differences between a male and female, and how to find the right veterinarian. It also teaches you how to housebreak and socialize your new puppy, what to feed him, how to handle behavioral problems, how to groom him, and how to recognize and prevent common illnesses. Using easy-to-read, personable language, this book answers all of your questions and then some with fun facts, tips and amusing anecdotes.

About the Author

Diane Morgan is a writer, college professor, and longtime owner of many breeds of dogs. The Siberian Husky, with its spectacular beauty, engaging personality, and fascinating history, is one of her favorites.

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    Dec 1, 2000
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Table of Contents


Part I: Getting to Know Siberian Huskies

  • Chapter 1: What Is a Husky?
  • Chapter 2: Husky History 101.

Part II: Looking for Your Soul Mate

  • Chapter 3: Finding and Choosing a Siberian.
  • Chapter 4: Preparing for Your Puppy.

Part III: Living with a Siberian Husky

  • Chapter 5: Welcome Home!
  • Chapter 6: Understanding What Your Husky Is Trying to Tell You.
  • Chapter 7: Socializing Your Siberian.
  • Chapter 8: Training Your Dog.
  • Chapter 9: Dealing with Dominance and Aggression.
  • Chapter 10: Breaking Bad Habits in Your Husky.

Part IV: Keeping Your Husky Healthy

  • Chapter 11: Feeding Your Husky.
  • Chapter 12: Grooming Your Dog.
  • Chapter 13: Establishing a Good Relationship with Your Vet.
  • Chapter 14: Preventing and Responding to Health Problems.
  • Chapter 15: Responding to Emergencies.

Part V: Bringing Out the Sled Dog in Your Siberian

  • Chapter 16: Getting Your Husky into Sledding.
  • Chapter 17: The Last Great Race: The Iditarod.

Part VI: The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 18: Ten Reasons to Have a Siberian Husky.
  • Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Raising a Siberian Husky.
  • Chapter 20: Ten Hazards for a Siberian Husky.
  • Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Traveling with (Or without) Your Husky.

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Resources


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