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Smarty Pear Leo's Loo Covered Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Upgrade your kitty’s litter box game with this innovative automatic self-cleaning litter appliance! Smarty Pear Leo's Loo Covered Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is beautifully designed, so it can be placed anywhere in your home and will look like it belongs. The custom kitty drum entry and rim are not only designed to help reduce litter tracking throughout your home, but they also purr-vide your feline friend with the privacy she needs and help keep odors contained until it cycles. When it’s time for your cat companion to leave, Leo’s Loo separates the waste from the clean litter quickly and quietly. The waste is deposited into the enclosed waste drawer below, leaving a clean, fur-esh loo every time. The custom bright screen displays how many times she uses the litter box, along with her weight—this allows you to monitor her health. This litter appliance helps get rid of unpleasant odors, significantly reduces litter usage and also frees you from constant scooping duties! One unit can support up to 4 purring pals and there’s no assembly required—just a simple 5-step plug and play setup process without any complicated apps or connectivity necessary.

Key Benefits
  • Automatically cleans itself after each use by separating waste from clean litter and depositing it in the enclosed waste drawer underneath.
  • Helps get rid of odors by storing waste in a fully enclosed waste drawer with an all-natural bamboo charcoal filter.
  • The large display and touch-friendly buttons make setup and use a cinch. Plus, it tracks your feline friend's health and behaviors.
  • The ultra-quiet sifting technology creates less noise during cleaning cycles than many household appliances.
  • The ambient lighting offers visibility at night for you and your cat companion!
What's Included

Leo's Loo Cat Litter Box, Extra-Long 6-ft Anti-Chew Power Cord, (10) Custom Kitty Loo Bags, Charcoal Air Filter Pouch


Pregnant women, babies, small children and immune-deficient individuals should avoid contact with cat litter waste. Cat's waste may contain toxoplasmosis bacteria that can be harmful to these individuals. Unit recommended for cats over 6 months of age. Not intended for use by handicapped, incapacitated or very old cats that might experience difficulty in entering or leaving the litter box. Adult supervision is recommended during your cat’s initial introduction. Not compatible with all litter types. Do not use non clay clumping litter, crystal or pearl-like litters. Please check product description before purchase.

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    25.6 x 24.8 x 26 inches
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    26.5 pounds
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    Automatic, Covered
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    Plug-In Power

Full Bin Notification: When the disposal bin is full, an alarm will go off along with a screen notification letting you know it is time to replace the bag. The alarm will continue periodically until you change it. Open the bin, remove the old bag and replace with new. Top off litter if needed. Click the RESET button once to clear the “Loo Count” and “Kitty Weight” and Lee’s Loo is ready to go. Cleaning: Cats like using a clean loo just as we do. We recommend changing the litter completely periodically. When this is done, you should also clean the inside of the loo. Push tabs on the sides and open up the top cover and to remove the loo drum. Empty old litter and scrub to your heart’s and kitty’s delight. There are no electrical components inside the loo drum. When finished, dry thoroughly. Then replace, refill and reset and the loo is open for business once again.

Remove product from packaging. Pull out the disposal bin. Insert litter bag using provided clasps to fix to the bin. Also insert charcoal carbon filter and potpourri. Close the disposal bin. Pour clumping cat litter up to the silicone edge and smooth. Do not exceed. For the first time, approximately 13lbs of cat litter is recommended. *Be sure to pour in cat litter before starting the machine! Plug in the power and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on. You are ready to go!

Leo's Loo Cat Automatic Litter Box System

Constantly Clean Litter

Enjoy constantly clean litter without the scooping. Leo’s Loo self-cleaning litterbox detects each time your cat visits and automatically cleans up afterward. It separates waste from clean litter and deposits in the enclosed waste drawer underneath, helping to eliminate odor, reduce litter usage and liberate you from constant scooping!

Litter Box

How Leo’s Loo Works

Leo’s Loo is designed to free you from constant scooping without adding complexity to your life, so they made operating it set-and-forget easy. It comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is add clumping litter and follow a few easy steps. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Turn on your Leo’s Loo. It defaults to automatic operating mode and will be ready to go.

Step 2

Sit back and enjoy as Leo’s Loo automatically does the heavy lifting…er, scooping…for you.

Step 3

Wait for an alert and flashing light to indicate when the waste drawer is full.

Step 4

Remove the full waste bag and replace with a new one. Then, just reset and repeat.

Modern, Quiet and Easy to Use

Leo’s Loo is made to look great anywhere and function safely and easily, so you won’t have to worry about your litter box. It also helps you keep track of your kitty’s health and behaviors.

Bright Screen Display

Leo’s Loo features a large display and touch-friendly buttons for easy setup and use. Plus, you can keep track of your cat’s behavior!


Ultra-quiet sifting technology generates less noise during cleaning cycles than most household appliances.

Night Mode

Ambient lighting ensures your kitty always has light when visiting Leo’s Loo, and that you’ll never trip over it in the dark.

Modern Design

Cat bathrooms don’t have to be ugly. Leo’s Loo was designed to look beautiful wherever you place it in your home.

Kitty Safety

Leo’s Loo was designed for safety, with weight sensors and anti-pinch technology that stop moving parts to keep your cat safe.

Leo’s Loo is Easy to Clean and Maintain

1. The hood detaches with three easy clicks.


2. The inner drum lifts away easily from the base.

3. The interior of the base is easily accessible once the base is removed.


4. The waste drawer slides all the way out for easy cleaning.

About Smarty Pear

Smarty Pear is a California-based company of innovators and pet lovers dedicated to improving life for pets and pet parents through innovative technology products like Leo’s Loo. Leo’s Loo was named after the founder and CEO’s oversized, loving and sometimes cantankerous cat. Leo was injured and rescued from a dumpster when he was very young, but then went on to live for over 18 wonderful years!

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