SMARTY PEAR Leo's Loo Too Wifi Enabled Cat Litter Box, Avocado Green -

Smarty Pear Leo's Loo Too Wifi Enabled Cat Litter Box

By Smarty Pear
Rated 4.5059 out of 5 stars
Color: Avocado Green

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About This Item


  • Automatically separates waste from clean litter and stores the mess in a drawer underneath.
  • Extra dense bamboo filters block odors from leaving the enclosed waste drawer.
  • Control the device all from your smartphone and stay updated with your feline friend’s health.
  • Sleep soundly with a litter box that creates less noise than many household appliances.
  • Keep your litter box tidy with UV sanitizer and your purr-fect companion safe with radar and sensor-based safety systems.

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Play Video: Learn More About Smarty Pear From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Smarty Pear From Our Team of Experts

About Smarty Pear Leo's Loo Too Cat Litter Box

Say “So Long” to Scooping

Get the Leo’s Loo Too and say goodbye to the least enjoyable part of cat parenting—scooping litter! This smart litter box detects when kitties visit and automatically cleans up after they leave. It comes in cute colors and provides a better alternative to the traditional litter box. Consider it a massive step forward for cat families everywhere.

Say Hello to the Smartest Litter Box

The Leo’s Loo Too features an advanced set of convenient features for superior control and ease. It includes a smart home connected app, support for Google and Alexa voice controls, an EPA-certified UV light that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, triple-layer safety protection and more!

Connected Smart Home App

With the Smarty Pear app, you can remotely monitor and control your Loo from anywhere in the world. You can access and adjust settings, get alerts when the waste drawer is full, and view activity reports that provide insights into your kitty’s health and wellness.

Just Say “Alexa” or “Hey Google”

Use the Alexa or Google voice assistants to turn your Leo’s Loo Too off or adjust key settings. The Loo easily integrates with both assistant platforms for the ultimate in hands-off convenience.

Triple Layer Protection

To help keep your kitty protected, the three layers of advanced safety technology stop all moving parts whenever she is detected:

  • A state-of-the-art radar system forms a protective wall
  • Four weight sensors detect when your cat is inside the drum
  • An aerospace-grade anti-pinch sensor is located at the top of the waste drawer

Leak-Free Seamless Drum

The Leo’s Loo Too litter drum is made from a single piece of seamless plastic to prevent anything from leaking into its base. The drum is made of light, but durable, plastic and easily removes for cleaning. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.

All the major components of the Leo’s Loo disassemble with ease, making cleaning a breeze!

Easily Lift Off the Hood and Drum

The hood and drum remove easily to make changing litter and deep cleaning easy. The drum is made from a solid, seamless piece of plastic to help prevent leakage and wear.

Easy Access to Base and Drawer

Once the hood and drum are removed, you can easily clean the interior of the base using a damp cloth or wipes. The drawer slides out fully for cleaning, as well, and it holds replaceable carbon filters for freshness.

Features You’ll Love

The Leo’s Loo too is packed with features that make it one of the most advanced and convenient self-cleaning litter boxes around.

UV Sterilization Light

The EPA-certified UV treatment system is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Whisper Quiet Sifting

Generating 30 dB of sound during cleaning cycles, the Leo’s Loo Too won’t disturb you during waking or sleeping hours.

A Bigger, Better Drawer

The waste drawer holds up to 9 liters of waste and includes a lid and carbon filters to reduce odors.

Active Odor Protection

The waste drawer has two sustainable, activated bamboo charcoal filters that absorb odors and deodorize the air.  

About Smarty Pear

Smarty Pear is a California-based technology company made up of innovators and pet lovers. Their team is dedicated to improving life for pets and pet parents through smart products like Leo’s Loo Too. Leo’s Loo Too was named after the founder and CEO’s oversized, loving, and sometimes cantankerous cat. Leo was rescued after being found injured and eating from a dumpster at a young age. He went on to live for over 18 wonderful years, providing love and fun memories to everyone he met.

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Questions & Answers

18 Customer Questions

what type of litter is needed for this unit ?
Answer by ChewyMay 13, 2022
Both the Leo's Loo and the Leo's Loo Too require 100% clay clumping litter as other litter types can wind up getting into the compartments and electronics of your Loo.

can I use prettylitter for Leo's loo too cat litter box?
Answer by ChewyAug 22, 2022
The Leo's Loo Too requires 100% clay clumping litter as other litter types can wind up getting into the compartments and electronics of your Loo. Also, Pretty Litter does not clump. Smarty Pear has tested several different kinds of litter to see which ones work well and which ones don't, and they've found that some lighter weight clumping litter appeared to work well until a few months passed. They discovered lighter litters were getting into compartments of the machine it shouldn't, which created odor problems and potential damaging to components. Smarty Pear recommend using Scoop Away Clay Clumping Litter as it has been tested and proven to work well with our machines and comes in smaller bags that make filling the Loo much easier.

Minimum weight needed to use it ?
Answer by ChewyMay 25, 2022
Cats should weigh a minimum of 2 pounds to use Leo’s Loo in automatic mode.

Does this litterbox have a light like the other model?
Answer by ChewyMay 09, 2022
This litter box has a programmable UV light. It also includes a small multi-colored light around the button at the front of the machine for ambient lighting.

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Rated 4.5059 out of 5 stars
85 Reviews
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85 Customer Reviews

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Keisha on Mar 18, 2023

Worth the money

After using another large named cat robot litter box for years with nothing but ongoing issues, I decided to chuck it and purchase the Leo's Loo Too. I'm glad I did. Not only is it super quiet but it's got a nice, sleek look to it. I love the app feature. Really, there's nothing bad to say about it. The best part for me, though, is I haven't had any issues with it! Major plus! Clean-up is easy. The upside to using this type of a litter box is that the smell is contained well. I would definitely recommend the Leo's Loo Too. It makes owning a cat just that much easier.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By JessicaW907 on Mar 13, 2023

Fantastic once kitty got the hang of it

I have had this litter box for about 2 months now, and I got it at a TERRIBLE time, so please learn from my mistakes and introduce it to your cat(s) the right way. I was traveling a lot and my mom watched kitty, so I was moving the litter box back and forth and really disrupting kitty's routine. So it took a little longer to get her comfortable with the new gadget. Now though, it's so fun to get notifications during the day that she's using it. At first, she would just use the dog door and go outside in the snow, so I know she hated it. Now, she's like clockwork, and my mom even kept the app active on her phone because she likes checking in with her "grandkitten". I use the BoxiePro litter and have been extremely happy with it. Tip - if your cat is afraid to use the litter box, try increasing the time between with kitty leaves the box and when the cleaning cycle starts. It was default-set to 6 seconds and really scared my cat the first time, which took awhile to recover from. For the first couple weeks, I set it to 1 minute after she left and that seemed to do it. Now it's at 15 seconds. The only drawback is that if you delay the cleaning, sometimes the litter can get stuck to the bottom, but it's very easy to clean.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lindsey on Mar 6, 2023

Amazing litter box!

It took my cat a couple days to actually try it out but since that day it’s been amazing! It’s fairly expensive but has been a great investment. I had emailed customer service for tips on how to get my cat to try it out and they sent over some tips and videos and once I tried them out, he started using it. So they have been super helpful. I bought it in December so it’s been a little over 2 months since I’ve had it. I’ve changed out the litter once and it’s an easy process. The bags that go in the bottom to catch everything are great. They are thick enough that they haven’t ripped yet and the drawstring makes it easy to dispose of. I was nervous to spend over $600 on a litter box but so far I have been very happy and dont have anything negative to say!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Tweenabean on Mar 14, 2023

Leos Loo Too is a MUST have.

I love Leos loo too! After having 3 litter robot 3 connect, I gave Leos a try and I will not be going back to the LR3. Leos is so quiet, absolutely NO smell at all. I have 4 cats and foster from time to time and Leos is so much cleaner. Less litter tracking, less smell and uses less litter. I also have a 20lb cat and he fits in just fine. I will be purchasing another Leos lol too.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Suzanne on Feb 25, 2023

Leo's Loo Too is a LIFE CHANGER!!!

I've had my Leo's Loo Too for about 2 weeks and it has changed my life!! I have 2 cats 11 and 12 lbs. I was a fanatic about keeping their litter clean so I scooped 2 large litter boxes about 4 or 5 times daily. I had to vacuume often as there was always a pile of litter on the floor even though I had large litter mats under their boxes. To control odor I changed the litter twice a month. It was A lot of back-breaking work. Those days are gone!! i haven't scooped in two weeks and I just don't think about it any more. There is absolutely NO smell and only a few grains of litter miss the mat and end up on the floor. My cats took to the box within 10 minutes of my setting it up. There was no transition time. This was the best money I've spe in a long time. My kitties I areSO HAPPY with Leo's Loo Too!! The app is also great, letting you know when box has been used, sanitized, when to empty drawer etc. It weighs the cats too, but so far the weights are not consistently correct, but I considered that a minor issue. Bottom Line: if you have NEED a LEO's Loo TOO!!!!! (I haven't done the monthly cleaning and replacing of litter yet, but there are lot's of YouTube videos on how to do it and it looks fairly easy.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Jenn on Feb 19, 2023


We've had the litter box for about a month and it's been fantastic. I was a little hesitant after reading some reviews that reported a bad smell or poo smeared on the inside of the box, but we haven't had that issue at all. We continued to use our regular clumping cat litter (Sam's Club brand). I'm wondering if the people who are having issues with their litter not clumping enough or having a smell have their box set up to clean itself too quickly after their cat has done it's business. I've found having it set on at least a 5 minute delay allows the cat litter time to actually do it's job. I was a little concerned about the smallness of the opening, but our 17 pound cat does fit through the opening with some room to spare. The only thing that annoys me about this litter box is that the opening is rather high and the step area is too small. We've combatted this issue by putting a small step stool in front of the litter box.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Linda on Mar 3, 2023

Absolutely Great

Honestly I love Leos loo too. I have two cats and the disposal bin is big enough for both of my cats one is 13lbs and the other is 11lbs. They never had any issues using the litter machine. My cats did get curious and a bit alarmed when the machine would rotate but they got use to it very fast. It is a great litter machine and the noise of the rotation is not as loud compared to other machines. Leos loo too is also very aesthetically pleasing as well which is a nice plus.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By MakenzieC on Mar 14, 2023

Such a Lifesaver!

I was a little hesitant to buy an automatic litter box since they're so expensive. After doing weeks of research, I decided to get the Leo's Loo Too and I have never been happier! The app is so helpful in letting you know when to clean the box, and it is SO easy to clean! I have a very skittish cat and after a day, she was using it with no problems!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By LokiandLilo on Mar 8, 2023

We love this litter box

We two cats the litter box needed scooped daily, unfortunately no one wants that dirty job. I did a lot of research and finally settled on Leos Loo Too! The litter box is great, fresh litter for the next user within a minute. Customer Service is great also. Any question, they are there to help get you get answers! Highly recommend!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Happy on Mar 13, 2023

Great Product

I would recommend the Smarty Pear product to anyone and everyone who owns a cat. Because of its quick, easy setup. However the most convenient ability with this product is its accuracy when it comes to cleaning the litter. Great product and more importantly accurate cleaning proficiency.