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SmartyKat Organic Catnip gives kitties a burst of energy with premium organic catnip. Cats in the wild get all the stimulation they need from tracking down prey, but indoor kitties might need some motivation to bring out their hunting instincts. A pinch of this irresistible catnip goes a long way. Sprinkle it on scratchers and your cat’s favorite toys to spark a round of playful exercise.

Key Benefits
  • 100% certified organic catnip provides a burst of energetic fun for cats
  • Convenient shaker makes it neat and easy to attract cats to toys, scratchers and bedding
  • Help release the natural active ingredient in catnip by lightly squeezing catnip-filled items or by crushing the leaves with your fingers
  • The aromatic oils in catnip fade naturally over time so when your cat’s interest changes, it is time to add fresh catnip
  • Your cat is a natural hunter so keep their instincts keen and stimulated with this aromatic organic catnip
Additional Details

Keep out of reach of children. Store out of pets' reach when not in use.

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Feeding Instructions
  • Use catnip to attract cats to toys, scratchers and beds.
  • Crush leaves with your fingers to help release the natural active ingredient in catnip.
  • Keep catnip fresh by resealing the container and storing in a cool, dry, dark place out of your cat's reach.
  • Kittens usually develop a response to catnip after 6 - 9 months of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is catnip?

Catnip is a natural herb that is related to mint. It contains a chemical compound called nepetalactone, which induces a harmless physiological reaction in some cats. Please note that not all cats react to catnip, and most kittens will not enjoy the effect until they are 6 - 9 months old

What is in your catnip?

Our catnip is 100% pure organic catnip. It is grown and processed without pesticides or chemicals in accordance with National Organic Program regulations.

How do I use catnip?

Catnip can be used on toys, scratchers, bedding or by itself as a treat. Rub it into the surface of a scratcher or bed to entice your cat. Sprinkle it on wet or dry cat food to encourage picky eaters. There are also d ozens of refillable catnip toys on the market (we suggest the SmartyKat® MadcapMouse™) as well as toys, scratchers and bedding that have catnip hidden inside.Tip: Put a fabric toy and some catnip in a sealed plastic bag overnight. The catnip aroma will permeate the toy and create an irresistible treat!

Can my cats eat catnip?

Yes. Cats enjoy eating catnip as well as playing with it. Unless they have a rare allergy to catnip, it is safe for them to ingest.

How will catnip effect my cat?

The effects of catnip vary from cat to cat. Some cats become excited, hyperactive or aggressive. Some will become lethargic and fall asleep, while others may exhibit a dizzy or drunken effect. However your cat reacts, remember that catnip is not harmful to your cat, there is no way to overdose on it. Most cats know when they have had enough and will stop playing with it.

Will catnip harm humans or dogs if consumed?

No. Catnip is a harmless herb. While SmartKat® catnip is not intended for human consumption, some people believe that catnip has a calming effect when brewed as a tea. Similarly, catnip will not harm dogs if ingested, but they will not experience the effects that cats do.

Innovative, Safe and Stylish

SmartyKat creates stylish cat products that help pet owners easily meet the emotional, physical and instinctual needs of their cats. Each product is designed to stimulate a particular feline need while also fostering a stronger relationship between you and your kitty. From scratchers and interactive toys to edible grass and catnip, SmartyKat keeps the health and well-being of your feline companion at the core of everything they make.

Innovative, Safe and Stylish
Safer Features for Cats

Safer Features for Cats

SmartyKat always makes safety a priority. You can rest assured knowing that these products were made to minimize potential hazards for both cats and children. SmartyKat products are made to meet child safety standards, meaning they do not contain small parts, long cords or other hazards. That means you can feel confident in letting even the littlest family members enjoy some quality bonding time with their feline companions.

Sustainably Made With Eco-Friendly Materials

SmartyKat believes in sustainability and using recycled, reclaimed and organic materials whenever possible. Their catnip products are 100% certified organic, and their cat toys contain an ECOAdvantages label that indicates the eco-friendly processes or materials used to create them. SmartyKat's commitment to environmental consciousness even extends to their scratchers. They use cardboard that is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, plus natural sisal and seagrass—two renewable plant fibers that create a durable scratch surface. SmartyKat works to ensure that all of their products are not only environmentally responsible but also of the highest quality.

Sustainably Made With Eco-Friendly Materials
The CompleteNeeds System Satisfies Every Cat's Needs

The CompleteNeeds System Satisfies Every Cat's Needs

SmartyKat offers a unique guide for their cat products that helps you decide which cat toy best suits your kitty's lifestyle. They focus on the instinctual, physical and emotional needs of felines to design toys that will engage and stimulate in order to ensure that their essential needs are met. The CompleteNeeds System color-codes each toy to tell you which need is being met, from play needs such as exercise, hunting and excitement to wellness needs such as stimulation, security and nutrition. You can be sure your cat is getting the most out of SmartKat products.

About SmartyKat

SmartyKat works diligently to generate cat products that are not only eco-friendly and affordable but also created with the intention of stimulating your cat physically, emotionally and instinctually. Their thoughtfully designed products are clearly labeled using the CompleteNeeds System so that you can find the perfect product to fulfill your cat's needs. You can use SmartyKat products confidently, knowing that they have been rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for the cats in your life.

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  • Didn't really work for my furry baby

    By on

    I've read that not all the cats react to the catnip, and apparently, my own cat doesn't really care about it at all. I decided however to keep the jar, hoping that my kitten will be interested when will get older. I like that this catnip is organic and in the easy-to-use jar. I would recommend it to cats' owners.

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  • My 4 cats love it!

    By on

    My 4 cats are addicts to this stuff. It's too funny. I put 4 pinches of it in 4 different places on the floor and watch as all 4 cats pick a pile and dive & roll in it. Mary likes to lie down in it, Olive likes to roll around back & forth a bit and look dazed, Doc likes to simply eat it all, and Gracie loves to literally WRITHE around in it until she is all glassy eyed & exhausted. I have never seen catnip this good. When I watch my cats in this stuff getting high, it makes me miss the 1960's sooooooo bad.

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  • Catnip dry

    By on

    Sorry, but my cats (I have three), do not like this brand as much as the old brand that I had for them..I do find it to be very dry and sort of flaky....will try another kind next time!

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  • Spice up your sluggish kitties!

    By on Top 500 Contributor

    I love to see my kitties enthusiastically claw into a scratcher after sprinkling some crushed catnip on it. Crushing the catnip releases the delectable scent that felines love - just like when you crush fresh or dry culinary herbs to release their aroma. I've tried both types of catnip carried by Chewy - this brand & Petlinks. I honestly can't tell the difference (not that either company wants to hear that). Since they are both about the same price, I just order which ever one is least expensive at the time of my order. My kitties love that I always have lots of catnip around for their enjoyment... & do do I.

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  • Cats love this!

    By on

    Each of my cats love this for different reasons-one to stimulate her appetite, one for her scratching posts, the other for loving playfulness.

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  • Cats Adored It

    By on

    All of my cats loved this catnip. Even one that I thought disliked catnip was rolling in this kind when I sprinkled some on the ground.

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  • Adding happiness to Scooter's days.

    By on

    He's 16 and still LOVES catnip. So fun watching him roll in the catnip. He loves the taste. SmartyKat Organic Catnip is perfect!

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  • Crazy for Catnip

    By on

    Overall, I like Smarty Kat products. They're toys are especially fun and trendy. I decided to try the catnip (for my cats, of course). Both kitties love catnip and they go crazy over this! I also like this particular bottle as the cap allows for sprinkling. That comes in handy as I always like to sprinkle catnip on and freshen up their toys which are kept in a basket for them to take and grab. I recommend this product.

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  • Not all catnip is the same

    By on Top 1000 Contributor

    My cat has never really cared for catnip. I tried this organic catnip. He loves it so much he actually goes to the cupboard that it's in and cries for it!

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  • They can’t resist

    By on

    My girls love this stuff. It sits on the coffee table, and every night when I get home from work, I sit on the couch and the girls jump up on the coffee table and give me subtle hints (i.e, knocking the container onto the floor) that they want some. I give them both a pinch each, and they spend the next 20 minutes enjoying their “treat”! Great stuff! Always fresh.

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