Solid Gold NutrientBoost Grain-Free Cat Food Topper, 16-oz bag

By Solid Gold
Rated 4.4593 out of 5 stars
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Solid Gold NutrientBoost Grain-Free Cat Food Topper, 16-oz bag slide 1 of 7
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Solid Gold NutrientBoost Grain-Free Cat Food Topper, 16-oz bag slide 1 of 7

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Rated 4.4593 out of 5 stars
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About This Item

  • Crafted to support your cat’s digestion and promote a better absorption of nutrients.
  • Made with simple, natural ingredients.
  • Formulated without grains or gluten.
  • Purr-fect for making mealtime more interesting.
  • Contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antibodies.
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Learn More About Solid Gold From Our Team of Experts

Questions & Answers

1 Customer Questions

Can I top my cats food (Solid Gold Indoor Cat) with both this Topper and the Solid Gold bone broth? or should I just stick with one or the other?
Answer by ChewySep 15, 2021
It is perfectly fine to mix the Nutrient Boost topper and the Bone Broth Topper into the food at the same time.

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Rated 4.4593 out of 5 stars
172 Reviews
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172 Customer Reviews

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Amanda on May 15, 2022

Cats like it!

All of my cats love this topper. I bought it specifically for my 18 year old granny cat and a 1 year old diagnosed with FIP- both cats have special nutritional needs and can use the boost in calories. There are 2 things I think worth mentioning: this product sounds very crunchy; crunchier than regular kibble. My old lady cat has some dental issues but seems able to eat this fine, but if your cat’s teeth are really bad it might be hard to eat. Secondly, since this product is made with blood, it’s very dark and if your cat is prone to vomiting, well, it will be black which can be unnerving but also might ruin your rug! I do not find this product to CAUSE vomiting; I’ve got 2 that do a lot of that all the time anyways. (Yay!) Even with these 2 things to keep in mind, I like this product and would purchase again!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Sherri on Mar 21, 2022

All 4 agree

Well, it is really hard to get all 4 of my cats on the same page with food. Two of our females will only eat dry food and only one kind of treats, but all of them ate this topper when I mixed it in their bowls. Being able to add something to their food that isn't just a "junk food treat" and adds nutritional value is such a plus. If your cat is a fussy eater, I would recommend trying the Solid Gold topper to their meals if you want to add a great protein boost or you can try substituting few spoonfuls of this as a treat. The price point is worth it and I added it to auto ship for an added discount. The first bag was sent to me as part of a free sample program.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By LizA on Mar 18, 2022

Healthy cat food topper

This week I tried Solid Gold Nutrient Boost Cat Food Topper. I received this product as part of a sample program. I was excited to try this product because of the health benefits. I’m always searching for new foods and treats that will benefit my cats health and behavior. I gave it to my cat as indicated, but my Siamese cat didn’t really care for it. He ate a little but didn’t finish. After several tries later he began to eat around the nutrient boost. I know every cat is different but unfortunately it wasn’t approved by my cat.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By BrinnaBlaine on Apr 5, 2022

My cats love it!

I am always uncertain when giving my cats a new food. Sometimes they just don’t like things and won’t even try to eat it. But I had no reason to worry with this solid gold nutrient boost food topper. My cats loved it immediately and thought it was a great new treat. I started out by giving them a few as I give them treats, scattering a few on the floor in front of them. They immediately jumped on it and started eating. I had to give them more. Then I gave them some as a treat before their food and they loved it. I was quickly able to start using it as a food topper which they always ate before eating any of their food. I was so glad to know that they loved it and I was giving them something healthy. I will definitely be buying more of this. I love being able to give them something that is both delicious and healthy. Sidenote, I have 8 cats, and every single one of them love their new food topper. So I imagine that even picky cats will love it as some of mine are pretty picky about food and treats. I received this product free to try from bzzagent, but all opinions are completely my own.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By JoDinIRB on Mar 10, 2022

3 Out of 4 Cats Love It

I received this product as part of a free sample program. We have four cats... two that will eat pretty much anything, one that is so picky she will only eat very specific foods (and hasn't liked a single treat we've offered), and one with CKD that assumes everything aside from his usual food is medicine that must be avoided. As expected, our two chonky cats ate these without hesitation, and our sickly boy won't touch them. What was surprising though, is that our picky girl absolutely LOVES them. In fact she's become an insufferable beggar for them, lol. If we forget to give her some, she whines and paces the room until we give in. Because of our two chonks, we feed these as treats rather than as a food topper, so we can control the portions. I can't say at this point whether the cats are any healthier, but they're happy and I feel better giving this product as opposed to junky treats, so I'd say this product is a win in that regard. I will definitely repurchase when this bag is done... in fact I suspect our picky girl is going to insist on it!

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Vettechmom on Mar 22, 2022

So-so about it.

I will start by saying that I received this product as part of a free sample program in exchange for my honest review. My cat didn't really care about this product. She did eat it but didn't really care that it was there. If there was some on the other side of the bowl from where she was eating, she didn't move to go get it. Just happily stayed munching where she was at on her normal kibble. I'm also not a big fan of solid gold as a brand in the first place since I'm a vet tech and hate grain free diets because of so many heart issues related to it. Most animals don't actually have a grain allergy so this is more of a fad. Over all though my opinion is that it isn't really something I would buy but maybe someone else's cat will love it unlike mine.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By JustJen2020 on Mar 18, 2022

A bit harder than expected

I received this product through a free sample program, in exchange for my honest review. I have two senior cats, both eat mainly wet food. I was looking for a little something extra for my fur babies, in addition to their food and snack. I really like the nutrition content of this Solid Gold food topper, however, not so fond of the hard texture. Both of my cats are much older and have a hard time eating hard or crunch food and snacks. This product is very hard in its texture. Neither one of my cats were able to eat it. A family member of mine who is staying with us, has three other cats. Two out of the three like this meal topper. I think they thought it was snacks. The serving size is small enough, it could be. Overall, great additional nutrition for mealtime, just not right for my senior cats.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By LunaxFluffers on Mar 8, 2022

Two Fussy Cats Approve

So the second I opened this bag for the very first time, my cats were instantly curious. I put a handful on top of their dry food and they IMMEDIATELY ate it up. I have two fussy cats-the two of them like just about nothing. This was an instant hit in our home. I put a handful on top of their dry food every night. They look forward to my opening the cabinet to get the bag by meowing and yelling at me until they are fed. If my cats are happy, I’m happy!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Susan on Mar 18, 2022

Good nutrition for picky cats!

I received this As part of a free sample program. I’ve never used toppers on my cat food before, so I was eager to try it. I have two 4 yr old kitties, and one senior kitty. All 3 of them seemed to enjoy this topper, although I ended up feeding it more like treats instead of a topper. With three cats, that was the best way to make sure they all got some! They scarfed it right up, and seemed to like the taste. They seem to have a bit more energy, so maybe that’s a result of this product. If you’re on the fence, give it a try! I’ve used Solid Gold products before, and they offer high quality options for our furry friends!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By barginbuys on Mar 21, 2022

Mixed cat reviews

I have four cats and the reviews from them are pretty mixed. I used a couple different times both as a food topper and as a treat. And individually as well as when more than one cat was eating at the same time. In the end I had one cat that would try to steal the topper from another before eating the regular food. But I also had one cat that would eat around it. Not sure if it was the scent she just didn't like or that she's picky overall. As a pet parent I am very particular about what I use for "treats" making sure they actually are beneficial to my pets. This topper seems to be something that's good for them so I am happy with using it as a way for them to get added benefits that standard cat food alone doesn't provide. I received this product as part of a sampling program.