SportDOG SD-BASKET-R Dog Training Launcher Basket

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SportDOG Launcher Basket for Training works with the SportDOG Launcher Electronics and Transmitter. It can launch live or dead birds and training dummies to help your pointing dog train to remain steady on the flush or help reinforce your retriever to stay steady to mark falling birds. Multiple baskets can be operated off of one receiver and transmitter allowing you to customize your training experience.

Key Benefits
  • Can launch live or dead birds and training dummies to help your pointing dog train to remain steady on the flush
  • Includes launcher basket and receiver only and is compatible with the SportDOG Launcher System
  • Duck, pheasant, and shotgun report sounds available, contains 2 modes of operation with a 2 hour charge
  • Multiple baskets can be operated with one receiver and transmitter, allowing you to customize your training experience
  • Up to 80 hours of battery life, water proof and submersible to 25 feet with a range of up to ½ mile

HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS: Transport the device in a safe position with safety measures engaged. It should either have the bird cradle open, or if it is closed, the safety pin must be inserted to lock the release latch. This product is not a toy and must be respected as such. Inexperienced users and children should never be allowed near the device while in use. Always wear eye protection when operating the device. When loading the device, never reach your hands or body inside the working area of the device. Do not look down upon it, into it, or stand in front of the device once the mechanism has been engaged. You may be injured. Never point or aim the device at or towards anyone.

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  1. Lay the device on its end so that you can work on the spring-tensioner end.
  2. Attach one of the springs to each of the Basket’s arms.
  3. Attach the free ends of each spring into each side hole on the spring-tensioner, so that the springs are now connected.
  4. Thread the bolt (with a washer) through the top bracket, the spring-tensioner, and the bottom bracket.
  5. Attach a washer and nut below the bottom bracket and tighten with a 1/2” wrench until hole in nut and bolt are aligned.
  6. Insert cotter pin through nut and bolt.

Note: By turning the bolt clockwise, tension will decrease. By turning counter-clockwise, tension will increase.

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