Stella & Chewy's Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

By Stella & Chewy's
Rated 4.3021 out of 5 stars
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Stella & Chewy's Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food, 3.5-oz bag slide 1 of 9
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Stella & Chewy's Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Morsels Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food, 3.5-oz bag slide 1 of 9

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Rated 4.3021 out of 5 stars
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About This Item

  • Real raw nutrition in the convenience of freeze-dried. Serve as is or rehydrate by adding warm water.
  • Made in Stella & Chewy's own USA kitchen with cage-free poultry and 100% organic-certified fruits and vegetables.
  • Never contains grains, gluten, fillers, artificial preservatives, or colorings.
  • Simple, pristine recipe with limited ingredients and rich in protein.
  • Pet parents and vets report raw feeding supports an improved appetite, digestion, immune system, teeth and gum health, skin and coat, and can help relieve allergies.
Play Video: Learn More About Stella & Chewy's From Our Team of Experts
Learn More About Stella & Chewy's From Our Team of Experts

About Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Cat Food

All the Benefits of Raw Nutrition

Give your stealthy carnivore all the meat she can dream of with Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels. For pet parents that don't have time to prepare fresh raw foods or to wait for frozen food to thaw, freeze-dried is the best answer. These bite-size nuggets give kitties a feast of meat, organ and bones just like their wildcat ancestors. And to meet all of their nutritional needs, these recipes are formulated with added vitamins and minerals, probiotics and taurine.

The Prey Model Diet

It's only natural that your cat craves real meat—her body is designed to eat a diet that relies heavily on it. Stella & Chewy's makes it easy to feed your domesticated feline friend this prey model diet. Each recipe has 98% meat, nutrient-rich organs and bone, and there are no added hormones or antibiotics. All you have to do is rehydrate and serve. In just one minute, you'll have a wholesome, protein-rich dinner for your hungry tiger. As a bonus, she gets more water in her diet to keep her hydrated to support urinary tract health.

Raw Feeding Helps:

Minimal Processing, Maximum Flavor

Heavy processing of ingredients can diminish the nutritional value. But with freeze-dried, the end product still retains its beneficial nutrients. Frozen raw nuggets go into a freeze-dryer to remove moisture without ever applying heat or letting them thaw. So they come out with all the flavor, vitamins, minerals, omegas and amino acids they went in with. Plus, you'll never have to keep it in the freezer or defrost it.

Innovative Food Safety Technology

Food safety is always a concern, especially with raw foods. Stella & Chewy's takes every precaution with their SecureByNature food safety process that's recognized by the USDA and FDA. The ingredients undergo a special, 100% natural cold-press process that creates water pressure similar to that found near the ocean's floor. No harmful bacteria can survive, and there's no heat to damage nutrients and diminish flavor. Each batch is tested by an independent lab, and the results are even posted online for you to see.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Stella & Chewy's sources everything that goes into your pet's food from reputable suppliers that guarantee the integrity of the ingredients. Meat, poultry and fish are responsibly sourced from all over the world. The wholesome fruit and vegetables are certified organic.

About Stella & Chewy's

The story of Stella & Chewy's starts with two lucky rescue dogs named Stella and Chewy—and Chewy was a pretty sick pup. Their new pet parent, Marie Moody, started both of her new family members on a raw diet, and she watched them thrive. Eager to bring the same amazing prey model diet to other pets, Marie soon developed innovative food safety measures to create her own version of raw pet food—the Stella & Chewy's frozen and freeze-dried dinners and mixers that you know and love.

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Rated 4.3021 out of 5 stars
Rated 4.3496 out of 5 stars
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Rated 4.3432 out of 5 stars
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$10.00Chewy Price
$10.00Chewy Price
$10.99Chewy Price
$9.99Chewy Price
$10.99Chewy Price
$9.50Chewy Price
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$10.44Chewy Price
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Food FormFreeze-DriedFreeze-DriedFreeze-DriedFreeze-DriedFreeze-Dried

Questions & Answers

72 Customer Questions

How long can I leave this food out before it spoils? My cat likes to eat a little and then come back in awhile to eat more.
Answer by ChewySep 27, 2017
Once re-hydrated, the food can sit out for up to 2 hours - anything left after that should be discarded. If you're feeding it dry, ensuring plenty of water intake during meal time, the food can sit out for up to 12 hours.

How long does the 18 oz bag usually last someone with 1 cat?
Answer by ChewyJan 07, 2020
Please refer to the attached photo for the complete Feeding Recommendations.The manufacturer packages this food by weight, not cup count so, the actual servings can vary somewhat. On average, the 3.5 ounce bag contains close to 2 cups, the 8 ounce bag close to 5 cups and the 18 ounce bag close to 11.25 cups.

Does this contain menadione sodium bisulfite complex? If so, is it only this formula or do all Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried raw cat foods contain menadione sodium bisulfite complex?
Answer by ChewyMar 09, 2018
Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex was removed from the dinners for cat recipes in February 2017.

Can you feed it dry?
Answer by ChewySep 17, 2019
While we do recommend rehydrating whenever possible due to the importance of moisture for optimum nutrition absorption, it is okay to feed dry, as-is. Just be sure your pet has enough access to fresh clean water during the day.

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Rated 4.3021 out of 5 stars
662 Reviews
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662 Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By kelf68 on May 12, 2022

Carnivore approved

After months of digestive issues/vomits and many food trials trying to help my girl, desperately trying to find what was wrong (fearing disease), I finally got my girl an allergy test as all other symptoms were pointing this direction to find that she is allergic to many items that are in most kibble for kitties. Raw food is the only kibble type food she is allowed. I never thought for a moment she'd embrace this but was I wrong. She begs for this and just chirps and purrs abundantly when I get the bag out. I am currently adding it to her approved wet food (purina pro plan prime 7+ chicken) as it would be astounding financially to have her on this only. So yes I highly recommend the trial for anyone struggling w' kitty digestive issues and also highly recommend an allergy test for many of their foods have elements to them that aren't great for them (just like food for humans aka frankenfoods). I might add she just turned 10 and plays like she's 2.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By CatMomx4 on Apr 30, 2022

Fur Kids love this!

After reformulation of their prior “go-to” food, it was time to find a replacement that all four kitties would eat, and that would address some health concerns with the two older cats. They love this, and the Duck/Goose flavor. I was concerned that the older cats might take issue with the pellet size, but that was not really an issue. I let the pellets rehydrate for about 3.5 minutes, and lightly mash the serving for the one kitty that wants a chunkier texture. Nothing is left behind. One kitty used to play with her former food all the time, and scatter it. Not anymore! Happy kitties and happy cat mom!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Goodcatfood on Apr 27, 2022

Cat food for digestive issues

I purchased this food to try on a cat with food allergies. I had changed from regular quality commercial food to a rabbit only protein but after a month she developed diarrhea again. Stella and Chewy's freeze dried food provides a great reduction in stool volume and I thought that might help. I now believe that she is sensitive to the carbohydrates used in dry cat food not to the type of protein. So far she loves the food and is doing well.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By Maui on Apr 9, 2022

Instant hit but then was nothing special

When i first bought this for my boy, he loooved it. He has never torn open a bag & he opened this up. I saw the crumbs all over my living room carpet in the morning. He is so picky so i was thrilled that he loved these. But on to 4th or 5th day, he still eats them but does not seem to have an special attraction to the food. I will still buy these as this is among the handful of things he would still eat.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
By CBro on May 7, 2022

Good substitute

I normally feed a raw diet but have a cat that can't really tolerate it anymore - this has proven to be an excellent substitute. The cats like it and I'll also serve it as a treat to some. Healthy treat as well as a supplement to canned foods.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars
By Peekaboo on Mar 16, 2022

The morsels are giant

My little old 14 year old lady has become increasingly picky in her senility. She likes Instinct brand freeze dried raw food but it is unavailable and quite expensive so I gave this a shot. When it arrived and I opened it I realized the pieces are huge, much bigger than Instinct. It’s a little difficult for my girl to chew it but she managed. I’m not above taking out every piece and cutting them in half because I’m that cat mom, it’s just a bit of a hassle. She seems to like the taste, I like that it’s got organ meat in it, she just has a hard time chewing them.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By PiperCat on Mar 20, 2022

Great for colitis kitty

Thought I would try this for my 3 yr old cat with sporadic colitis problems. He is so picky with his food especially when he’s having a flare up. I was worried he was under weight so bought a bag to try. He loves it. As soon as I opened the bag he was crying before he even tasted it. He eats it for his dinner and is still so excited. Bought the turkey as well and he goes nuts for it. A bit pricey but he’s the only cat I give it to. Will continue to buy.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By LoZ22 on Mar 1, 2022

Hard to please kitten loves this food!

My almost 1 year old kitten loves this food. We’ve tried so many different wet foods to give him as a bonus treat each day but he refused to eat them or would just lick the juice wasting all of the food. We try to stick with nutritious food that doesn’t have harmful additives or food dye and this has been a winner in our household! I only give him a few each day as a treat so that bag should last us quite awhile. The only difference to him that I’ve noticed since feeding him this is that his tears (Persian) are a little darker in color than normal.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
By Lisa on Mar 11, 2022

this is the best!

My cats love Stella and Chewy's. I've been trying to get them to eat raw food and they just don't like it. But they love this freeze dried raw food. They don't care if it's been rehydrated or not and try to snatch it out of my hand before I can even get it in the bowl. And then they growl when they get a piece. Must be good!

Rated 2 out of 5 stars
By Leah on Mar 4, 2022

They don't like this as much as the other flavors

My two cats LOVED this brand but the salmon and chicken flavor and then stopped eating it, I figured they were bored so I picked up some other canned food with mixed success and then decided to try this flavor to mix it up. They definitely do not enjoy this flavor as much as the other, unfortunately I end up throwing a lot of the uneaten portion out. This flavor also seems much harder, I prepare it the same way as the other flavor but it doesn't seem to soften/mash as easily, takes a bit of effort to mix it!